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dc.description During his lifetime, the Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951) published only one philosophical book, the Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung / Tractatus logico-philosophicus (1921/22), and the Dictionary for Elementary Schools (1926). However, on his death in 1951, he left behind a significant 20,000 page corpus of unpublished philosophical notebooks, manuscripts, typescripts and dictations. This corpus is called "Wittgenstein's Nachlass". The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB, was established in 1990 and has produced a machine-readable version of Wittgenstein's Nachlass in the form of facsimiles and transcriptions. At present the transcriptions are maintained in XML TEI format. In terms of licensing, WAB's transcriptions of the Wittgenstein Nachlass are organized in two sub-parts under two different licenses. The sub-part made available here is licensed under CCPL BY-NC 3.0. It contains Wittgenstein Nachlass items Ts-201a1, Ts-201a2, Ms-139a, Ts-207, Ms-114, Ms-115, Ms-153a, Ms-153b, Ms-154, Ms-155, Ms-156a, Ms-148, Ms-149, Ms-150, Ts-212, Ts-213, Ms-141, Ms-152 and Ts-310, amounting in total to ca. 5,000 pages of the Nachlass. This part was made available under a CCPL BY-NC license within the framework of the European project Digital Semantic Corpora for Virtual Research in Philosophy (Discovery, 2006-09) and Open Scholarly Communities on the Web (COST A32, 2006-10). Two sets of files are made available. One with the character entity encodings already converted, the other with the character entity encodings retained. Example: In set 1a the encoding "&;" for period at the end of sentence is already converted to ".". For HTML transformations of WAB's XML transcriptions, visit the Wittgenstein Source Bergen Nachlass Edition (BNE) (static outputs) or (Interactive dynamic presentation). Copyright holders: The Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge; University of Bergen, Bergen
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dc.publisher The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen
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dc.title WAB XML transcriptions of Wittgenstein's Nachlass > 1st subset of 5000 pages with license CC BY-NC 3.0
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WAB XML Clarino-CC Set1a character entitities
2.68 MB
Set 1a with character entity encodings converted
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    • Ms-156a_Clarino-CC.xml154 kB
    • Ts-207_Clarino-CC.xml37 kB
    • Ms-148_Clarino-CC.xml272 kB
    • Ts-212_Clarino-CC.xml3 MB
    • Ms-153a_Clarino-CC.xml458 kB
    • Ms-149_Clarino-CC.xml297 kB
    • Ts-213_Clarino-CC.xml3 MB
    • Ms-154_Clarino-CC.xml300 kB
    • Ms-153b_Clarino-CC.xml186 kB
    • Ms-114_Clarino-CC.xml1 MB
    • Ts-201a1_Clarino-CC.xml153 kB
    • Ms-139a_Clarino-CC.xml86 kB
    • Ms-150_Clarino-CC.xml280 kB
    • Ms-155_Clarino-CC.xml263 kB
    • Ms-115_Clarino-CC.xml1 MB
    • Ts-201a2_Clarino-CC.xml132 kB
    • Ms-152_Clarino-CC.xml375 kB
    • Ms-141_Clarino-CC.xml56 kB
    • Ts-310_Clarino-CC.xml556 kB
WAB XML Clarino-CC Set1b character entitities not
2.74 MB
Set 1b with character entity encodings retained
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    • Ms-156a_Clarino-CC.xml166 kB
    • Ts-207_Clarino-CC.xml39 kB
    • Ms-148_Clarino-CC.xml292 kB
    • Ts-212_Clarino-CC.xml3 MB
    • Ms-153a_Clarino-CC.xml491 kB
    • Ms-149_Clarino-CC.xml321 kB
    • Ts-213_Clarino-CC.xml4 MB
    • Ms-154_Clarino-CC.xml321 kB
    • Ms-153b_Clarino-CC.xml199 kB
    • Ms-114_Clarino-CC.xml1 MB
    • Ts-201a1_Clarino-CC.xml163 kB
    • Ms-139a_Clarino-CC.xml89 kB
    • Ms-150_Clarino-CC.xml304 kB
    • Ms-155_Clarino-CC.xml282 kB
    • Ms-115_Clarino-CC.xml1 MB
    • Ts-201a2_Clarino-CC.xml141 kB
    • Ms-152_Clarino-CC.xml400 kB
    • Ms-141_Clarino-CC.xml61 kB
    • Ts-310_Clarino-CC.xml604 kB

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