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dc.description This collection consists of scripted recordings from different rural dialects spoken in Norway and Sweden, in total 33 recordings of 46 different speakers. The speakers’ year of birth ranges from 1909 to 1973. The sets of target words were designed to capture the quantity system and tonal system of the different dialects. Level stress is an English translation of the Norwegian term jamvekt, which designates the ambiguous stress pattern in words with preserved light stressed syllable from Old Norse. All the dialects recorded have either preserved this pattern or have had it in the past. The sound files have not been annotated in e.g. Praat or Elan, but linguistic metadata accompanying each sound file should make it fairly easy for anyone interested in using the material to annotate it according to her or his own scientific goals. Login If you are connected to a Norwegian institution of higher education, you can log in via Feide (choose CLARIN SPF on top of the page, and search for Feide). International scholars may use the Clarin login interface. All files including beckground information and metadata can be accessed using the links to the 12 datasets in the table below. The complete set of recordings, bakground information and metadata can be downloaded as a single zip-file from this repository item (link at the bottom of the page). Ngbr89 and 90 (Norwegian, 45 mb) Oppdal91 (Norwegian, 43 mb) Skattungbyn08 (Swedish, 75 mb) Sollerön90 (Swedish, 71 mb) Tinn91 (Norwegian, 3 mb) Transtrand14 (Swedish, 287 mb) Våmhus08 (Swedish, 75 mb) Vinäs08 (Swedish, 75 mb) Lima14 (Swedish, 136 mb) EastMora90 (Swedish, 120 mb) Älvdalen90 (Swedish, 12 mb) Malung14 (Swedish, 103 mb)
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dc.publisher University of Bergen, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
dc.rights CLARIN_ACA
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dc.subject Phonology
dc.title The Level Stress Recordings
dc.type corpus
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The Level Stress
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  • The Level Stress Recordings
    • General background
      • The Level Stress recordings.pdf796 kB
      • Level Stress_Speaker and Sound File Codes.pdf44 kB
      • LevelStress_Glossary.pdf98 kB
    • Background for each recording
      • Vaamhus08_Background.pdf71 kB
      • Solleroen90_Background.pdf92 kB
      • Lima14_Background.pdf82 kB
      • Tinn91_Background.pdf85 kB
      • EastMora90_Background.pdf85 kB
      • Transtrand14_Background.pdf83 kB
      • Skattungbyn08_Background.pdf80 kB
      • NGbr89_90_Background.pdf86 kB
      • Vinaes08_Background.pdf88 kB
      • Aelvdalen90_Background.pdf105 kB
      • Malung14_Background.pdf91 kB
      • Oppdal91_Background.pdf93 kB
    • Linguistic metadata for each recording
      • Transtrand14_Linguistic Metadata.ods18 kB
      • NGbr90 Linguistic metadata.ods23 kB
      • EastMora90 Linguistic metadata_01.xlsx14 kB
      • Oppdal91 Linguistic Metadata.ods21 kB
      • EastMora90 Linguistic metadata_02_03.xlsx14 kB
      • Aelvdalen90 Linguistic Metadata.ods21 kB
      • Vinaes08_Linguistic metadata.ods17 kB
      • Vaamhus08_Linguistic metadata.ods18 kB
      • Skattungbyn08_Linguistic metadata.ods18 kB
      • Solleroen90_LInguistic metadata.ods18 kB
      • NGbr89_Linguistc metadata.ods19 kB
      • Malung14_Linguistic Metadata.ods19 kB
      • Tinn91Linguistic_metadata.ods19 kB
      • Lima14_Linguistic Metadata.ods18 kB
    • Audio files
      • EastMora90_03.wav39 MB
      • NGbr89_05.wav3 MB
      • Oppdal91_05.wav6 MB
      • Vinaes08.wav73 MB
      • NGbr90_02.wav5 MB
      • NGbr89_02.wav4 MB
      • Oppdal91_02.wav8 MB
      • Skattungbyn08.wav73 MB
      • Malung14_01_03.wav51 MB
      • NGbr89_07.wav3 MB
      • EastMora90_02.wav44 MB
      • NGbr89_04.wav4 MB
      • Oppdal91_04.wav5 MB
      • NGbr89_09.wav3 MB
      • Aelvdalen90_02.wav6 MB
      • Solleroen90_01_02.wav43 MB
      • NGbr90_01.wav6 MB
      • Transtrand14_2.wav97 MB
      • NGbr89_01.wav2 MB
      • Solleroen90_03.wav25 MB
      • Oppdal91_01.wav7 MB
      • Malung14_01_02.wav48 MB
      • NGbr89_06.wav3 MB
      • Vaamhus08.wav72 MB
      • Oppdal91_06.wav6 MB
      • EastMora90_01.wav33 MB
      • NGbr89_03.wav3 MB
      • Lima14.wav132 MB
      • Tinn91_01.wav2 MB
      • Oppdal91_03.wav6 MB
      • NGbr89_08.wav3 MB
      • Aelvdalen90_01.wav5 MB
      • Transtrand14_1.wav182 MB

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